Reset Printer Canon MP 237

Here is the way to Reset Canon PIXMA MP2371

-Download Resetter Canon MP237 on the link I have included at the end of this article
-Extract and run reseter MP237 by clicking 2 times File Service tool v3400.exe
-Start doing govern software reseter MP237
         Sub Tab Clear Ink Counter to Play
         Sub-Tab Ink Absorber Counter to Play
-Click EEPROM then the printer prints a sheet of paper
-Turn the printer off and on again, then you can use the printer again

Download the tools Reset Printer Canon MP 237 here
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Resetter Canon MP287 tools

When you got error on your Canon MP287 it will make you confusion and you see error code is E08 and E13 , When the printer is turned on , the printer looks normal. But after ordered to print, it will display an error E08 i'm sure you already know if you come to this page. don't worry i know the solution. the printer need to be rese.

This is the way to reset Canon MP287 bicause of error E08

- Turn off the Canon MP287 error E08 by pressing power. Do not unplug the power cord .
- Press and Hold the STOP / RESET followed by pressing the POWER button . So both buttons depressed position .
- Remove the STOP / RESET but do not release the POWER button .
- In circumstances POWER button still depressed , press the STOP / RESET 6 times.
-Then release both buttons simultaneously .
- Printer will initialize error moments like when the printer is first tested at the time of purchase.
Wait until the LCD panel on the printer error was showing Black ( blank ).
-MP258 printer will be detected as a new device on your computer, although it was already installed the printer driver. -Conditions of blank printer on the LCD indicates that the printer is in Service Mode state and is ready to be reset using software .
- If the power cord is unplugged , then the steps above must be repeated again.

Now you can reset the Canon MP287 with this tools

get from this source hope this step will help you and make your printer can work again.
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What is a Print Spooler

A print spooler is a type of software that manages printing jobs that an electronic printer produces. Print spoolers are often used in industrial and commercial applications in order to place printing jobs in a specific priority level, depending on the time stamp of each job. They are usually used in situations that involve mass printing or printing by many different users. Print spoolers also alert users when their material has been printed, assign jobs to differentprinters so that multiple materials may be printed simultaneously, automatically select stationary, etc.

How Print Spoolers Work
Print spoolers work by placing printing jobs in a separate area of a hard drive so that they may be processed separately from the application they came from. This removes the burden of processing from the original application and allows it to continue processing other tasks without waiting on the printing job to be completed. For example, if a user prints a document from MS Word, thecomputer’s print spooler automatically separates the printing job from other MS Word tasks and processes it at its own rate. Without a print spooler, the user would not be able to use MS Word or other system resources until the printing job is complete. While this may not interrupt use for an individual user who is only processing one printing job, it can cause entire offices to be temporarily disabled during larger tasks, such as payroll printing.

Print spoolers are found on personal computers and remove the burden of printing from word processors, photo editors, and other programs. They are also used on commercial computer systems in order to allow all computers in an office to keep processing other tasks while large printing jobs are carried out on a separate hard drive or server. Print spoolers are used in office computers to assign individuals printing jobs to different printers on the same network. This allows the printing job to be completed in much less time and lowers the stress on the resources of each individual computer.

Print spoolers allow users to continue what they were doing while a printing job is being processed. Additionally, print spoolers may include features that notify the user about completed tasks or distributing the workload among several devices. Print spoolers are widely available and free versions can usually be found on the Internet or included with printing hardware.
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Canon mp150 reset codes

E9 The connected digital camera / video camera does not support Camera
Direct Printing
E14 The Ink cartridges whose destination are wrong
E15 Ink cartridge is not installed E16 - Ink remaining is unknown
E16 -E19 Failed to scan head alignment sheet
E22 Carriage error
E23 Paper feed error
E24 Purge unit error
E25 ASF(cam) sensor error
E26 Internal temperature rise error
E27 Waste ink absorber full or platen waste ink absorber full

E28 Ink cartridge temperature rise error -
E29 EEPRsaya error
E33 Paper feed position error
E35 15 USB Host VBUD overcurrent error - USB
E37 17 Abnormal motor driver error
E40 20 Other hardware error
E42 22 Scanner error
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How to Resetting the maintenance count LaserJet 9040 9050 Series Printer

1. Turn the printer off.
2. Turn the printer back on and wait for the memory count, when the printer starts counting memory press the checkmark (Select) button.
3. Continue to hold down the checkmark button until all of the control panel LEDs are illuminated, then release the checkmark button.
4. When the checkmark button is released, "Select Language" will appear on the control panel.
5. Use the Up Arrow to scroll to NEW MAINTENANCE KIT .
6. Press the checkmark button.
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