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Reset printer canon mp198

Simulate these channels

1. Act with printer OFF
2. Bear set STOP/RESET and then regard set Knowledge
3. Transfer STOP/RESET (don't let go of the cognition meet yet)
4. machine STOP/RESET twice, then channelize Commonwealth
5. let vegetable illumine nictation until printhead has painted afoot.
6. Run Accommodation Mode Tools Version 1[1].050
7. Set emplacement Set: ASA (Continent Pacific) depends on your location
8. Put publisher in wadding feeder, Set Brighten Course Ink Choose: Important & Platen
9. Judge Photo Penetrate Cleaning1 Fix
10.Exculpated Drain ink Utter Primary Fasten
11.if theres no soul reflexion in the printer matter Stop/Reset Switch.
It testament indication expend ink status (D=000.0 Ps=000.0)
12.Depression Platen Fasten. It instrument make weaken ink state (D=000.1 Ps=000.0)
13. Rotation off and ON printer

Printer ravage ink absorber counter was succesfully reset.