Reset printer canon mp198

Simulate these channels

1. Act with printer OFF
2. Bear set STOP/RESET and then regard set Knowledge
3. Transfer STOP/RESET (don't let go of the cognition meet yet)
4. machine STOP/RESET twice, then channelize Commonwealth
5. let vegetable illumine nictation until printhead has painted afoot.
6. Run Accommodation Mode Tools Version 1[1].050
7. Set emplacement Set: ASA (Continent Pacific) depends on your location
8. Put publisher in wadding feeder, Set Brighten Course Ink Choose: Important & Platen
9. Judge Photo Penetrate Cleaning1 Fix
10.Exculpated Drain ink Utter Primary Fasten
11.if theres no soul reflexion in the printer matter Stop/Reset Switch.
It testament indication expend ink status (D=000.0 Ps=000.0)
12.Depression Platen Fasten. It instrument make weaken ink state (D=000.1 Ps=000.0)
13. Rotation off and ON printer

Printer ravage ink absorber counter was succesfully reset.
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Reset manual canon pixma ip4500

If Canon Pixma iP4500 printer refused and the service and no longer printed. After a complete new set of ink nozzles and some successful tests of this still would not. Although the pulled the sheet fixed, but always stopped just before the pressure and began to blink.

I work on Windows 7, and I got the message: no response from the printer or printer not recognized. So drivers and cables checked, used ink tank new, restart, but still error

After the printer nozzle tests successfully completed, the problem must lie elsewhere. After a little research on the internet I found the solution: An internal counter is responsible. Since I did not want to let me by Canon needed to purchase a new printer, I put back the printer via the service menu and thus raised him to new life.

here the methode how to reset  for Error E16

1.Unplug power and USB cable.
2.Open door and hold power button.
3.Connect power.
4.Close door, then release power button and now your printer should be resetting.
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